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Meskwaki Victim Services

The mission of the Meskwaki Victim Service Program is to promote a systematic response that holds offenders accountable and fosters a community sensitive to the needs of domestic violence & sexual assault survivors. This will be accomplished through the collaborative and coordinated multidisciplinary response of the agencies and organizations that work with Native American DV/SA survivors and their families.

Ages Served Served

Children – 12 and under;Adolescents – 13-17 years old;Adults – 18-60 years old;Older Adults – 60+ years old

Genders Served

Female – The crime victim identifies as female;Male – The crime victims identifies as male;Trans* – The crime victim identifies as trans*;Gender Non–binary – The crime victim identifies as gender non–binary

Crime Types Served

Bullying;Child Exposed to Violence;Child Physical Abuse or Neglect (Current or Recent);Child Physical Abuse (Historical);Child Pornography;Child Sexual Abuse (Historical);Cyber Crimes;Domestic Violence (Non-Intimate Partner);Elder Abuse or Neglect;Hate Crime;Harassment;Homicide;Human Trafficking (Labor);Human Trafficking (Sex);Sexual Assault;Stalking;Violation of a Court (Protective) Order

Services Provided

Counseling/Mental health/Emotional Assistance;Domestic Violence Response Services;Employment and Education Services;Financial Assistance;General Support Services;Hotline/Information and Referrals;Housing (Emergency/Short-Term);Housing (Long-Term/Transitional);Legal or Justice-system Assistance;Medical/Health Assistance;Safety Planning;Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Response Services;Support Groups/Talking Circle;Traditional Healing Information and Referrals;Transportation Services (Local);Transportation Services (Relocation);Victim Rights Advocacy (Non-direct services);Children;Youth and Family Services

Provider Details

Hours of Operation: 8:00-16:30

Website: https://www.meskwaki.org/community-services/meskwaki-family-services/victim-services/

Phone Number: 641-484-4444

Hotline Details

Hotline Number: 641-481-0334

Hotline Hours: 24/7

Text Number:

Additional Information

Can this organization serve minors without parental consent: Services to minors does not require parental consent

Fees: Free

Does this organization have a confidentiality policy?: Yes

Is this organization tribal affiliated: Yes

Does this organization employee AI/AN staff: Yes

Is this organization a member of a state domestic violence or sexual assault coalition?: Yes

Does this organizations provide advocates to appear in tribal courts?: Yes

What populations are able to access services?: Any family as long as one member is enrolled

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