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I handle “Bad Men Among the Whites” claims for tribal members whose tribes have those clauses in their treaties of 1867 or 1868. This includes the Navajo, Lakota, Kiowa, Comanche, Cheyene, Arapahoe, Ute, Crow, Northern Cheyenne, Northern Arapahoe, Eastern Band of Shoshone, and Bannock.

I won a major precedent in favor of these claims in the Court of Federal Appeals in 2012, Richard v. United States. If you are not familiar with these claims, I can provide more information, or you could look at the law review article I wrote about them, “‘Bad Man Among the Whites’ Claims After Richard v. United States,” which was published in the law review of the New Mexico School of Law, Fall 2013 edition.

Ages Served Served

Children – 12 and under;Adolescents – 13-17 years old;Adults – 18-60 years old;Older Adults – 60+ years old

Genders Served

Female – The crime victim identifies as female;Male – The crime victims identifies as male;Trans* – The crime victim identifies as trans*;Gender Non–binary – The crime victim identifies as gender non–binary

Crime Types Served

Child Exposed to Violence;Child Physical Abuse or Neglect (Current or Recent);Child Physical Abuse (Historical);Child Pornography;Child Sexual Abuse (Current or Recent);Child Sexual Abuse (Historical);Cyber Crimes;Domestic Violence (Intimate Partner);Domestic Violence (Non-Intimate Partner);Drunk or Drugged Driving;Elder Abuse or Neglect;Fraud/Identity Theft;Hate Crime;Homicide;Human Trafficking (Labor);Human Trafficking (Sex);Kidnapping (Custodial/Familial/Non-Custodial);Sexual Assault

Services Provided

Legal or Justice-system Assistance

Provider Details

Hours of Operation: 8:00-17:00

Email: jim@southdakotajustice.com

Website: http://www.southdakotajustice.com

Phone Number: 605 341 4400

Additional Information

Can this organization serve minors without parental consent: Services to minors requires parental consent

Fees: Sliding Scale

Does this organization have a confidentiality policy?: Yes

Is this organization tribal affiliated: No

Does this organization employee AI/AN staff: Yes

Is this organization a member of a state domestic violence or sexual assault coalition?: No

Does this organization provide traditional healing?: No

Does this organizations provide advocates to appear in tribal courts?: No

What populations are able to access services?: Only Tribal members enrolled in a federally recognized tribe

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